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Dekra Vehicle Inspection Service

We pre-inspect and take your Vehicle to Get Inspected For You!

  • 24 hours
  • 155 Costa Rican colóns
  • Carretera Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno

Service Description

Includes pre-inspection. Our Mechanic passes it through Dekra in Perez Zeledon. Most cars pass on the same day. * Required repairs to pass are a separate fee and if we discover them in advance, so we can have them fixed before we go. If issues are discovered at the Dekra office such as emissions failure we will get them fixed with your written permission first, using our mechanic near the Dekra Office. Getting your car inspected is challenging here and often times they fail vehicles for something small, especially if is an individual bringing it through, causing you to make multiple trips. For this reason, it is common to have a mechanic or a person who does it for a living take it through for you. They have friends on the inspection line and are known by them, so they tend to mess with them less, and be more friendly o quick repairs and rechecks that normally cause multiple trips and weeks of delays.

Contact Details

  • Carr. Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, Costa Rica


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